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Finding an Insurance Representative

Finding a good agent or broker should be relatively easy if you ask friends and/or colleagues whom they use. Make sure to choose a representative you feel comfortable working with, someone who is communicative and responsive to your needs. You may decide to work with an agent who represents a specific company or companies, or go with a broker who independently and directly represents you to the marketplace. Brokers may offer a broader range of coverage options because they represent you and not the insurance company, but either choice is fine. Just be sure your representative understands your insurance needs and helps you to design a package that provides the coverage appropriate to your situation. It’s okay to be wary of insurance salespeople. A healthy dose of skepticism means you’ll use good judgment when making your decision about who to work with and what coverage you’re going to choose.

Take that Important Step

Only a third of artists assisted by CERF+ have business insurance. The cost of not having business insurance or having inadequate insurance can be devastating to any business.

We think it is vital that all artists take steps to reduce the chance of loss and acquire adequate business insurance. The cost of business insurance may be less than you think, and when approached with thoroughness and a proactive insurance agent, you will be sure to be getting the most complete and appropriate coverage for the money.

At CERF+, we know that if every professional craft artist in the country took the steps outlined in this section there would still be need for our emergency relief services, but we also know each dollar of assistance would go further. Please contact CERF+ if you need more assistance with your risk management plan.

Download the Business Insurance Guidebook for Artists (PDF)



Independent ratings of insurance companies. Register with them to access the financial stability ratings for your current or potential insurance carrier.


If you are not sure what kind of insurance you need, this Fractured Atlas guide will walk you through the options.


This insurance industry supported site has information about a wide variety of types of insurance, news items about insurance industry trends, and a variety of consumer-oriented brochures that can be viewed online or downloaded. Settling Insurance Claims after a Disaster is especially helpful if you have experienced a loss.


Independent ratings of insurance companies. Register with them to access the financial stability ratings for your current or potential insurance carrier.


Through your insurance commissioner’s office you can find out if an insurance company is licensed to do business in your state. Some states also maintain compliance rankings for insurance companies doing business. Your insurance commissioner’s office may also be of assistance if you have a claims-related dispute with your insurance company.


A non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on insurance issues and consumer rights.

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