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image of homepage of CERFplus.orgFebruary 27, 2017 | CERF+ News

CERF+ Launches New Website to Respond to Artist Career & Emergency Resource Needs

Monday, February 27, 2017, Montpelier, VT CERF+’s new website goes live today to help artists protect themselves, their art and their careers. Resiliency information and emergency funds for artists working in craft disciplines are all available in one place.

CERF+, the Artists Safety Net, created the comprehensive site to address the needs of artists – with a special focus on studio artists. Potters, fiber artists, furniture makers, glassblowers and other visual artists often work alone or in studios and have unique needs to sustain their work and livelihoods. They rely on the security of their space, tools, supplies and their health for their future.

The new CERF+ website (, is the online version of the “Artists Safety Net.” It features interactive, easily readable and mobile-friendly information that connects with artists at all stages of their career. A combination of information and stories makes it easy for visitors to tap into resources before, during and after an emergency. Checklists help gauge personal and professional preparedness and artist-to-artist stories provide insider information on best practices for planning and recovery, such as working with volunteers to archive artwork or toxic waste cleanup. How-to videos walk artists through DIY readiness and salvage techniques. The site also includes ways that art-lovers can become part of the Artists Safety Net too – helping protect the legacy of handmade art and the people who make it.

“Everyone needs a good safety net and artists are no exception,” says CERF+ Executive Director Cornelia Carey. “Now more than ever we see a great need to help studio artists protect themselves, prepare for their futures, and recover from unexpected disasters – all through the Artists Safety Net.” is also a one-stop location for emergency grants and loans for artists working in craft disciplines. Artists in need can review eligibility and apply for assistance right on the site. The mobile-friendly site is accessible during and after an emergency, when a smartphone may be the only way artists facing an emergency can communicate.

Key additional features of the site include:

About CERF+

CERF+ is the Artists Safety Net. Since 1985, our service network of fellow artists, art show producers and donors has pooled knowledge and funds to face career-threatening emergencies together. Readiness resources safeguard and sustain studio artist careers, artwork, workspaces and health. Relief resources help artists get back on their feed after disasters – with emergency funds available for those working in craft disciplines. We believe art is America’s common wealth – and artists are its most precious asset. We envision a future where all professional artists thrive and are as well protected as the treasures they create.

For more information about CERF+, contact:
Jenifer Simon, Director of Programs + Communications
[email protected]


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