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Did you know that all the sweeps from your bench can make a big difference in the lives of fellow artists and jewelry makers? In partnership with CERF+, the Rio Grande Sweeps for CERF+ program accepts sweeps from jewelers as donations to help craftspeople across the United States. The sweeps from Rio Grande’s own production work go into the effort as well and, together, make a big difference. Rather than letting your sweeps sit for years in your shop or discarding them into a landfill, please join hundreds of others who are using them to help support craftspeople through devastating natural disasters and other emergencies.

“We are very aware how CERF+ helps jewelers and artists who are facing hard times due to events unexpected. As Rio is a company that exists to serve jewelers and artists, CERF+ was the obvious choice.” -Kevin Whitmore, Metal Projects Manager, Rio Grande

Total donations so far: $18,972.44

Learn more about how to participate in Sweeps for CERF+.

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