Studio Safety


Materials and processes associated with creating art can be harmful if you’re not informed. From using non-toxic materials to taking proper precautions, make sure your studio and your practice contribute to a safe environment.

Studio Safety Awareness Guide


Studio Safety Guide

Know your risk centers

Learn about the art materials and supplies you use. Are they hazardous?

Does your studio building and its systems provide a safe and healthy environment?

Do your art creation processes expose you to health risks?

Take it a step at a time

Use this guide to help you make a step-by-step plan to work safer

Track your progress

Check off your successes as you implement your studio safety plan!


Don’t get overwhelmed! Focus on some easier steps if need be and leave the big ones for another day.

Don’t put yourself or those around you at risk! If you have a seriously unsafe or unhealthy aspect of your studio space or art practice, take care of it first.

Don’t put off getting started. You will feel great about your efforts once you start!

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