Assess Your Risks

It’s Easy to Get Started!

Time: 15 to 50 minutes
What You’ll Need:
  • If you’re digital, a computer, laptop or tablet.
  • Prefer analog? Grab paper and pens or markers.
  • Get your studiomates and artist friends to do it with you. The more minds, the better!

1. What are your risks?

Write down risks that could affect your studio and career. Start with natural or manmade disasters. How would a flood or bad storm impact your ability to sell your work or get to work? Then consider less obvious things that could have an effect, like and injury or illness or the need to take care of a family member.

2. What can you least afford to lose?

Make a list of things related to your studio and career that you can least afford to lose. This might include your purchased or handed-down tools ceramic glaze recipes, mailing list, computer passwords or documentation.

3. Protect your studio and minimize risks

Brainstorm ways you could protect or minimize the list made in Step #2 with the risks you identified in Step #1. For example, if you cannot afford to lose your archive or digital documentation, you could store this information in the cloud or at a safe off-site location.

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