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Protecting Your Digital Records

First Steps to Protect Your Digital Life

Backup Your Hard Drive Regularly
  • Determine what files to backup and how often
  • Keep the backups at a Safe Offsite Location 

Practice Smart Computing and Internet Habits

Internet fraud, identity theft, and scams are all real threats that can compromise your data, your assets, and your career.  Here are some tips for safer surfing and more secure computing:

Back Up

  • Consider online service
  • Use external drive
  • Thumb drives for quick back up


Be Prepared

  • Install antivirus + security software
  • Update Operating Systems
  • Have an “e-mergency” plan


Be Aware

  • Don’t open suspicious emails
  • Don’t load unknown programs
  • Stop, Think THEN Open


Be Secure

  • Use strong passwords
  • Don’t allow unauthorized access to sensitive data
  • Dispose of old computers safely