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Protecting Your Art

  • Never store near windows, doors, vents, or ceiling fans
  • Protect works from above and below by raising above floor level and covering above and below with heavy plastic

Store three-dimensional works on padded metal shelving, placing the heaviest works at the bottom levels, but elevated from the floor. Financial Investment

  • Secure shelves to wall and/or floor
  • If earthquake is a possibility, add a rope or other barrier to keep items from vibrating off of shelves
  • Secure works on display with museum wax or museum gel
  • Raise large works from the floor by placing them on pallets or low display pedestals

Consider storing paintings in vertical storage bins with barriers between artworks, preferably with acid-free materials. Financial Investment
Other storage solutions:

  • Place artwork in pallets wrapped in scrap carpeting and heavy plastic
  • If you must stack works, place corrugated cardboard barriers between artwork and stack work front-to-front and back-to-back. It is best not to stack unframed work this way.