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Protect Your Art Studio from Tornadoes

What is Your Tornado Risk?

  • View this U.S. map showing the frequency of tornado activity
  • Be aware that tornadoes are most like to occur in the spring and summer months
  • Be prepared for lighting and hail as well as damaging high winds

Plan for Evacuation or Staying Put

  • In most circumstances, it is best to stay put when a tornado is approaching. Here are some tips when staying put
  • Other locations
    • A mobile home is not a safe place to be in a tornado
    • In in an office building or shopping center, take shelter in a smaller interior room, bathroom, or hallway on a lower level
    • Schools and some commercial buildings will have plans and designated shelters
    • If you are in your car, stop and take shelter in a building, or as a last resort, take shelter in a culvert or ditch.
  • More evacuation or stay put tips

Have the Emergency Essentials Handy

  • Have an emergency supply kit accessible and containing, at minimum:
    • Food and water
    • Flashlight
    • Battery-powered or hand-crank NOAA Weather Radio
    • Extra batteries
    • First aid kit
    • Medications
    • Copies of vital personal and business documents and contacts
    • Extra cash
Downtown Omaha, NE scene after a tornado. Artists beginning to clean up damaged displays and artwork.

What is Your Business Insurance Coverage?

  • Most homeowners or renters insurance policies cover little to none of your artwork, supplies, tools, and other art business assets
  • Even if you have business insurance, a review of the coverage is an important part of being ready for a disaster
  • Standard homeowners, renters, and business insurance policies and comprehensive auto insurance policies cover damage caused by tornadoes

Protect Your Assets and Plan for Resilience

A Tornado-Strong Studio

When in the path of a strong tornado, only structures built using more extreme construction techniques will remain largely intact. There are some measures owners of studio structures in tornado prone regions may want to consider though when building new or renovating. Taking such measures will reduce the likelihood of extensive damage if hit by a less severe tornado.

  • Reinforced roof bracing and strapping
  • More wind-resistant doors
  • Construction of a “safe room”
  • Removal of trees and branches that could hit the studio structure
  • Repair of loose or damaged exterior components of the studio structure

Plan to Communicate. Communicate to Plan