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Protect Your Art Studio from Fire

Equipment and Facilities

  • Install and maintain smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, etc.
  • Consider escape ladders if your residence or studio space has more than one level.
  • Insulate chimneys and place spark arresters on top. Chimneys should rise at least three feet higher than your roof. Long Term Project Financial Investment
  • Place heaters at least three feet away from flammable materials. Make sure the floor and adjacent walls are properly insulated. Inspect all heating units.
  • Make sure windows are not painted or nailed shut.


  • Make a fire safety plan; PRACTICE IT.
  • Properly mark and know the location of all exits (including windows); put an escape map near doors.
  • Clean out storage areas. Do not let trash accumulate.
  • Be extremely careful when using and storing flammable liquids.
  • Do not overload extension cords and outlets. Make sure the insulation on these cords doesn’t touch bare wiring. Inspect cords for exposed wires and loose plugs.
  • Ask your local fire department to conduct a safety inspection. Needs an Expert