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Make a Disaster Plan

  • You could be on your own for at least three days after a disaster. Prepare for disruptions in phone, power and transportation services.
  • Identify your emergency information sources: radio, TV and NOAA Weather Radio. Set your NOAA weather radio to alert you with either an audible alarm, vibration alert, or visual strobe. Learn about devices like PDAs (personal digital assistants), text radio, and pagers that can give you information in an emergency.
  • Plan to have available and handy any specialized equipment or assistive devices that you use —or would need in the absence of professional assistance.
  • Consider any special transportation needs you may have, should you need to evacuate your studio.
  • Be in the habit of keeping walking aids nearby.
  • Identify two escape routes for every room.
  • Identify a safe meeting place outside the area.
  • Review, practice and update your plan at least twice a year.