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Flood Insurance for Artists

Damage from floods is not covered by most homeowners, renters, and business insurance policies. Flooding is water that comes from the ground up, rather than driven by wind or through a roof that has been damaged which is covered by most policies.

Flood insurance:

  • Is available through the National Flood Insurance Plan which is a federal program administered by FEMA
  • Is available to both renters and property owners
  • Must be purchased separately for homes and structures used for business purposes
    • First and second homes up to $250,000 maximum
    • Structures used for business purposes up to $500,000 maximum
    • Contents of home up to $100,000 (must be purchased separately)
    • Contents of business up to $250,000 (must be purchased separately)
  • Premium cost is based on your flood risk–see
  • Is sold through private brokers such as the agency from which you purchased your current insurance
  • Is not available if your community has chosen not to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program or does not comply with the program requirements

What to Do Checklist

  • Assess your flood risk and estimate cost of insurance
    • Go to
    • Enter your address and whether you are looking for residential or commercial coverage. You will then be able to see your flood risk and the premium range to cover the contents and the building.
  • Understand your flood risk. has good information on this topic.
  • Understand what flood insurance does and does not cover
  • Consider purchasing flood insurance. Talk to your current insurance agent and/or contact one of the local brokers listed on FloodSmart.govNeeds an Expert Financial Investment
  • Take additional protective measures to minimize risks and potential damage