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Earthquake Insurance for Artists

As with floods, earthquakes are not covered by your business, homeowners, or renters policy and must be purchased separately. The cost varies depending on:

  • How close you are to a fault
  • Construction of your building
  • Whether or not you have retrofitted your building to minimize earthquake damage

miniicons5-97 You must have a business, homeowners, or renters policy in order to purchase this insurance.

Earthquake insurance:

  • is purchased through the company that sold you your other policy
  • is not designed to cover all losses, but to put a roof over your head.
  • can provide coverage for temporary housing while your building is being repaired
  • does not cover any losses already covered by your business or homeowners insurance
  • does not cover floods even if they were caused by an earthquake (you must have flood insurance to cover that)
  • covers buildings and contents separately
  • covers homes and businesses separately
  • kicks in after you have satisfied the deductible

What to Do Checklist

  • Assess your risk for earthquakes
  • Get a quote from your insurance company (or the State of California if you are a resident)Needs an Expert
  • Determine if you can afford to (or not to) purchase earthquake insuranceFinancial Investment

High/Low Earthquake Risk