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Deeper Commitments: Help Someone Organize Their Recovery

Completely review the related Studio Protector resources and work with the emergency affected person to plan your organizing efforts

  • The Make a Plan information in the Clean Up section
  • The Salvage section for salvaging the artist’s tools, equipment, and artwork
  • The Networking section for tips on helping the artist work with volunteers
  • The Relief Agencies and Arts Organizations sections for information on receiving assistance from emergency response organizations
  • Consider helping with organizing and completing assistance application forms

Studio space

  • Did the artist lose studio space? Is he or she ready to create artwork again if a studio were available?
  • Consider helping locate a workable studio space for the artist, possibly sharing your studio or the studio of a nearby artist


Online crowdfunding after an emergency has proved to be a successful way for many artists to garner recovery funds. Here are some tips that can help the artist you are assisting make the most of crowdfunding

  • Though the emergency affected person can manage a crowdfunding campaign, it is likely to be more successful if produced and managed by a supporter, preferably with helpers.
  • Tell the emergency story in a compelling way, using photos and videos if possible
  • Expand the reach of the campaign though supporters’ active social networks
  • Update the campaign often, thanking supporters and adding news of the recovery
  • Learn more in the Help Yourself -> Social Network section.

Other ways to help

Give them a break: Having a break from the emergency recovery, even a short one, can help clear the mind and provide renewed energy to deal with the tasks ahead. Consider helping the artist in this way if appropriate.