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Common Post-Disaster Scams

What to Look Out for:

  • Someone who claims to be from FEMA comes to your home or studio — or calls or emails you — and asks for your Social Security number, bank account number, FEMA registration number, or other sensitive information
  • Someone claiming to be a building contractor knocks on your door and offers to make repairs, clean up debris, or speed up the insurance, disaster assistance, or building-permit process
  • Someone asks for a relief fund donation for an unknown charitable organization — or the person soliciting the donation requests the check be made out to a private individual
  • Fraudulent telemarketers soliciting donations or insurance-related work
  • Contractors ask for large cash deposits or advance payments in full.
  • You receive a promise of large amounts of money for disaster victims. FEMA/State disaster assistance funds are only sent to applicants by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or through the U.S. mail.