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Collect, Record and Give Out Information

Exchange contact information with everyone you want to stay in touch with.

  • Family members
  • Co-workers + employees
  • Your Disaster Buddy
  • Co-tenants + neighbors
  • Suppliers/customers/other business & artist contacts
  • Medical facilities/practitioners
  • Local responders
  • Phone, email, social media
  • Create paper and electronic versions of this contact information:
    • Post at home and in your studio
    • Produce wallet-sized emergency contact cards for you, your family, co-workers and/or employees.
  • FEMA’s Family Emergency Plan can help you develop a communications plan (home & business).
  • Make sure everyone in your studio is familiar with the emergency communication system.
  • Update your lists at least once a year.

Other options for alerting and staying in touch with your closest circle of contacts:

  • Organize a telephone calling tree (assign in advance).
  • Create a password-protected page on your website to check in.