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Assessing potential hazards. Should I go there?

  • Do not endanger your own, your family’s, or your helpers’ health or safety.
  • Do not enter areas or buildings that have been designated off-limits by emergency authorities, or buildings that may not be structurally sound.
  •  Do not enter if you’re not up-to-date with tetanus shots.
  • What are the types of hazardous materials and conditions (explosive, nuclear, biological, or chemical contamination) that I could encounter either from the disaster or from substances in the studio?
  • Consult local emergency authorities about other possible contamination risks.
  • Do I (and others helping) have the right protective gear to prevent exposure to contamination or dangerous substances?
  • Are there other health or safety issues?

People with medical conditions — especially respiratory problems or impaired immunity — that could be aggravated by exposure to smoke, soot, ash, or mold or extreme temperatures/high humidity should not participate in cleanup operations.