Artist Insurance

Too many artists are lacking proper insurance coverage for their businesses and don't even know it. Here's our quick guide to the insurance you should consider for your art business to keep you afloat no matter what comes your way.

Disclaimer: CERF+ is not an insurance provider, but gathered the resources below for you to consider when selecting a provider.


of artists surveyed are not properly insured for business property.


of all artists surveyed who own the building in which their business is located think that their homeowners' insurance covers their building.


estimated percentage of artist-owned buildings are properly insured for business use.


Why you need business insurance for your art business

Business insurance is an important tool you can use to transfer risks to an insurance company. It is an important part of your Career Protection Plan.

Business Insurance covers:

  • Loss of property like tools, supplies, and artwork from risks like fire, natural disasters, lightning strikes or theft (business personal property).
  • Loss of a studio building you own.
  • Loss of tools, display equipment, or artwork away from your studio, such as at an art show, doing an installation, or in transit.
  • Liability incurred as a result of your art practice such as injury to others caused by an artwork, performance, display, teaching, or a slip and fall by a studio visitor.

Insurance Resources



Christina + Michael Adcock

In 2002, Christina and Michael Adcock, owners of Leaves of Grass in Santa Barbara California, lost all of their equipment, materials, tools and inventory in a fire that consumed their studio.