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Safeguard Your Studio

Artist Crowdfunding After a Disaster

Protect Your Art Studio from Earthquakes

Stopping a Mold Outbreak After Water Damage


The Bigger Picture as a Disaster Volunteer

Guide to Insurance Claims after an Art Studio Disaster


Artist Safe Storage Tips


When You Need a Lawyer for Your Art Business

How to Protect Yourself from Post-Disaster Scams


Protect Your Art Studio from Tornadoes

Common Damage Agents


Protecting Your Art


Business Insurance: Can You Afford to Be Without It?

Organize Your Art Studio

General Tips on Salvaging Electronics

Handling Artwork

Theft Prevention

Art Galleries & Insurance: Consigned to Protection

Staying Safe During Clean Up


Common Post-Disaster Scams


Unsafe Building Conditions to Look Out For



How Artists Should Assess and Prepare for Risks

Guide to Creating an Emergency Communications Plan

Do You Have a “Disaster Buddy?”

Types of Business Insurance Coverage for Artists


Tips for Working with FEMA + SBA

Deciding to Stay or Go

Art Studio Damage Assessment and Reporting


Have a Disaster Buddy

How to Handle Hazardous Art Materials

Salvage DOs + DON’Ts


Dig In: How to Be a Helpful Volunteer in Disaster Recovery

Steps to Salvaging Your Art Studio After a Disaster


DIY or Hire a Pro?


Getting Legal Assistance for Your Art Business

Salvaging a Wet Computer

Turning the Page: Book Artist + Beneficiary Charlotte Wegrzynowski

Social Media During an Emergency

Make an Evacuation Plan

Rebuilding Your Art Business After a Disaster

Why Artists Need Business Insurance

How to Safely Dry Wet Documents and Art


Up from the Ashes: Reclaiming Memories + Artistic Practice


Reporting Post-Disaster Scams


Protect Your Art Studio from Snow and Ice

Documenting Your Artwork

Your Insurance Support Network

Be in the Know

Artist Emotional Help After a Disaster

Simple Emergency Salvage Techniques for Your Artwork


Protecting Your Digital Records


Protect Your Art Studio from Hurricane/High Wind

Salvaging Motors, Switches, + Other Electromechanical Devices

Creating Your Art Safely

Salvaging Wet Hard Drives + Other Digital Storage Media

Evacuating Your Studio

Artist Studio Ready + Reopen Planning

Silversmith Lynsey Richelle Decides to Get Ready through Studio Safety

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Equipment and Supplies for Clean Up and Salvage


Artist Business Continuity Planning

How to Get Business Insurance for Your Art Business


Protect Your Art Studio from Fire

Creating Art After a Disaster

Get Organized


Deeper Commitments: Help Someone Organize Their Recovery

Identify + Set Up Your Personal Support Network


Artist Emotional Help Resources


What analogue documents you need to protect for your art business


Salvage First Steps + General Rules


How to Take an Inventory of Your Art Studio

Salvaging a Wet Cell Phone

Working with Volunteers for Disaster Clean Up

Does homeowners insurance cover my art studio?


Make a Disaster Plan

Cleaning Guide to Using Water

Health Insurance


Art Conservation Treatments


Protect Your Art Studio from Flood

Predict Unpredictability

Earthquake Insurance for Artists


Tips for salvaging water-damaged tools


Assessing potential hazards. Should I go there?


Think Like a Building Inspector

Protect Your Art Studio from Power Outages

Flood Insurance for Artists


Collect, Record and Give Out Information

Protect Your Art Studio from Wildfire