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Emergency Response

Identify + Set Up Your Personal Support Network


Earthquake Insurance for Artists


Creating Your Art Safely

Common Post-Disaster Scams


Collect, Record and Give Out Information


How Artists Should Assess and Prepare for Risks

The Bigger Picture as a Disaster Volunteer

Protect Your Art Studio from Hurricane/High Wind

Dig In: How to Be a Helpful Volunteer in Disaster Recovery

Make an Evacuation Plan

How to Protect Yourself from Post-Disaster Scams


When You Need a Lawyer for Your Art Business

Assessing potential hazards. Should I go there?


DIY or Hire a Pro?


Protect Your Art Studio from Snow and Ice

Tips for Working with FEMA + SBA

Artist Crowdfunding After a Disaster

Silversmith Lynsey Richelle Decides to Get Ready through Studio Safety

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Protecting Your Art


Get Organized


Art Conservation Treatments


Artist Emotional Help After a Disaster

Health Insurance


Salvaging Wet Hard Drives + Other Digital Storage Media

Social Media During an Emergency

Working with Volunteers for Disaster Clean Up

Be in the Know

How to Take an Inventory of Your Art Studio

Getting Legal Assistance for Your Art Business

Up from the Ashes: Reclaiming Memories + Artistic Practice


Cleaning Guide to Using Water

Think Like a Building Inspector

Protect Your Art Studio from Earthquakes

Artist Studio Ready + Reopen Planning

Tips for salvaging water-damaged tools


Unsafe Building Conditions to Look Out For


Staying Safe During Clean Up


Salvaging a Wet Cell Phone

Artist Safe Storage Tips


General Tips on Salvaging Electronics

Types of Business Insurance Coverage for Artists


Protect Your Art Studio from Power Outages

How to Handle Hazardous Art Materials

Salvage DOs + DON’Ts


Stopping a Mold Outbreak After Water Damage


Does homeowners insurance cover my art studio?


Theft Prevention

Artist Emotional Help Resources


Creating Art After a Disaster

Rebuilding Your Art Business After a Disaster

Make a Disaster Plan

How to Get Business Insurance for Your Art Business


Salvage First Steps + General Rules


Business Insurance: Can You Afford to Be Without It?

Do You Have a “Disaster Buddy?”

Guide to Creating an Emergency Communications Plan

Artist Business Continuity Planning

What analogue documents you need to protect for your art business


Why Artists Need Business Insurance

Flood Insurance for Artists


Common Damage Agents


Have a Disaster Buddy

Deciding to Stay or Go

Protecting Your Digital Records


Protect Your Art Studio from Tornadoes

Simple Emergency Salvage Techniques for Your Artwork


Documenting Your Artwork

Art Studio Damage Assessment and Reporting


Turning the Page: Book Artist + Beneficiary Charlotte Wegrzynowski

Art Galleries & Insurance: Consigned to Protection

Equipment and Supplies for Clean Up and Salvage


How to Safely Dry Wet Documents and Art


Protect Your Art Studio from Flood

Organize Your Art Studio

Deeper Commitments: Help Someone Organize Their Recovery

Reporting Post-Disaster Scams


Predict Unpredictability

Salvaging a Wet Computer

Steps to Salvaging Your Art Studio After a Disaster


Evacuating Your Studio

Handling Artwork

Protect Your Art Studio from Fire

Your Insurance Support Network

Guide to Insurance Claims after an Art Studio Disaster


Salvaging Motors, Switches, + Other Electromechanical Devices

Protect Your Art Studio from Wildfire