WHY? According to FEMA, almost 25% of small businesses do not reopen after a disaster.

✔ Having a quick studio reopen plan will increase the likelihood your business will survive a disaster. Be part of the 75%!
✔ Avoid personal or co-worker casualty by knowing the safety steps to take before a disaster occurs.

Artist Studio Ready + Reopen Planning

Individual Artist Studio Ready + Reopen Plan

Pier Glass Reopening after flood

Multiple Artist Business Ready + Reopen Plan
Use this Multi Artist Studio Ready & Reopen Plan template to help you be disaster ready

In addition to the Solo Artist Studio plan components, this plan includes:

A team approach to emergency planning

Plan for employee communications and support during emergencies

Detail employee emergency skills

“My new studio has better lighting, heat and fire suppression systems. I was able to design the new studio with my carving in mind.”

Woodcarver + Beneficiary Jode Hillman

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