Disaster Risks

Protect Your Art Studio from Snow and Ice

Preparing for a winter storm

BEFORE the cold season arrives make sure your studio’s emergency kit is well stocked. miniicons5-96

Have your studio’s heating system cleaned and maintained, and your business vehicle winterized. A full tank of fuel in your car will lessen the likelihood of a frozen fuel line. miniicons5-100 miniicons5-99

If you haven’t already, download weather and emergency apps to your phone like Red Cross, FEMA, and The Weather Channel.

A NOAA weather radio announces weather alerts and warnings from the National Weather Service. It is best to have a model with battery backup.

Check the Power Outage page for additional precautions.

Frozen pipes will burst, causing significant water damage. Keep your studio heated when you are away and make sure none of your plumbing is exposed to exterior cold. miniicons5-99


During a winter storm

Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning while trying to keep warm. Don’t use a generator or other gasoline, propane, natural gas or charcoal-burning device in an enclosed or partially enclosed area.

Consider going to a designated public shelter if you can get there safely and your home and studio lose power or heat for more than a few hours or if you do not have adequate supplies. Text SHELTER  + your Zip Code to 43362 (4FEMA) to find the nearest shelter or use the shelter finding tool on your phone’s emergency app.

If there is a chance of pipes freezing, you can leave faucets running at a trickle to help avoid that. miniicons5-98

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