Electronic devices (cell phones, computers, etc.) can sometimes be salvaged after exposure to water, heat, or extreme conditions during an emergency. If the device itself can’t be salvaged, the data stored on it can possibly be restored. This is especially important if the data was not backed up at a safe offsite location.

Salvaging a Wet Computer

computersComputer and other electronic equipment can 
sometimes be repaired after becoming wet.

Testing and repair should be done by a trained professional. You can take some steps to increase the chances of recovering this equipment.

Do not turn on the computer for any reason! 
As soon as possible, unplug computer and attached 
devices from the wall and from battery back-up units.

Open computer case and let air dry. If you have 
experience with the internal workings of your computer, you may wish to remove individual cards 
and plugs to facilitate drying.

If the computer was submerged in salt water or other corrosive material, rinse the parts in clean water and 
then dry.

Follow instructions for recovering hard drives. 
Do not let wet hard drives dry out!

Take computer to trained professional for testing. Needs an Expert Financial Investment

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