Following an emergency, your family, friends, important business contacts and vendors may be out of reach. Making a communications plan in advanceincreases the chances of knowing where your vital contacts are, what their situation is, and that they will know yours during this critical time.

Predict Unpredictability

Fiber Artist and Beneficiary Olivia Batchelder

Fiber Artist + Beneficiary Olivia Batchelder

Paper with check mark iconA disaster can occur at any time, requiring changes in even the best emergency response plans. Common problems include:

  • Basic communications service may be temporarily or totally disrupted so don’t rely exclusively on speed dialing or cell service. (Text messaging is sometimes available before full voice service is restored.)
  • You may be away from your studio when disaster strikes — and your co-workers or employees may (or may not) be on the scene.

Make a Plan A and a Plan B for staying in touch.

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