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There are several opportunities in the coming months to purchase “Craftspeople In Their Own Words” in person and skip the shipping! This is a beautifully illustrated book featuring the lives of craftspeople in their studios, on the road, and at American craft shows from the 1960s to the present. You can pick up your copy for $49.95 at:

The American Craft Council show in Baltimore, February 21 – 25. We’ll also have lists on hand of any contributors to the book who are exhibiting at to show you can go on a self-guided autograph tour!

The NCECA Conference Resource Hall, March 14 – 16

The SNAG Conference Education Resource table in the Vendor Room

And “Craftspeople In Their Own Words” is always available online 24/7 in the CERF+ Store.

Edited and produced by our dear friends David Bacharach, Valerie Hector, Ken Girardini and Susan Levi-Goerlich, the stories in “Craftspeople In their Own Words” range from deeply personal to comic; historical to forward thinking. They recollect career changes, life, love, births, deaths, community, and the role of CERF+. There are more than 350 full-color photos in this 228-page hardcover book.

And psst- Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! What better way to celebrate the storied relationships in your life than by gifting loved ones with this incredible collection of stories from artists around the country?

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