WHY? After putting energy and time into creating your art...

you want to make sure it stays safe and in good condition until it is sold. You may not have the budget to equip you studio with state-of-the art storage systems, but there are still plenty of things you can do to protect your art investment.

Organize Your Art Studio

Create zones for specific functions:






Keep work and storage space clean:

Empty trash

Don’t eat in work and storage areas. Food and drinks may pose their own hazards to your artwork. Eating in your workspace may endanger your health by ingesting chemicals and other dangerous substances.

Outfit your space with the equipment you need to work and store your artwork and supplies safely.  State surplus depots, scratch and dent sales, and thrift shops may be good sources of used shelving, carts, flat files, etc. You can may also be able to locate dealers of used office equipment and warehouse shelving and supplies on Craigslist.

Don’t smoke in your studio

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