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California Wildfire Deadline for Disaster Unemployment Assistance Applications

Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is available in the counties of California that have been declared disaster areas due to the Camp and Woolsey wildfires. Self-employed individuals as well as employees who have lost income or are unemployed due to the disasters are eligible for this assistance. Self-employed artists impacted by the wildfires are encouraged to apply. The window for applying is 30 days from when it became available. Use the links below to learn more about applying.

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Additional Relief Agency Information


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Additional Relief and Recovery Resources for Artists


Get Help

Help Yourself

Help Yourself

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Disaster Clean Up

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Disaster Salvage

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Self Support

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Be Aware

  • Avoid Scams
  • Legal Issues
  • Disaster Legal Aid Hotlines (American Bar Association in conjunction with FEMA and the State Bar of California)
    • Butte County – 800-345-9491
    • Ventura County and Los Angeles County – 877-301-4448
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