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8 Fire Safety Tips for the Studio

Being fire safety ready in the studio is a year-round task, but it’s something that can require extra attention during the heating season. Here are some tips to help keep you and your studio safe from fire. Find more fire prevention and studio safety tips in CERF+’s Studio Protector.

  1. Heaters – Place portable heaters at least three feet away from flammable materials.

  2. Combustion Sources – If there is any source of combustion in studio processes, make sure that there is an adequate supply of fresh air.

  3. Electrical – Check all your electrical cords. Are they abrasion-free and the plugs secure?

  4. Fire + CO Detection – Install detectors in appropriate locations. Test them regularly and, if not hard-wired, change the batteries twice a year.

  5. Fire Extinguishers + Sprinklers – Buy fire extinguishers today if you don’t have them. Test them regularly to make sure they are fully charged.

  6. A Way Out – Establish the best exit from the studio building to a safe location in case of fire.

  7. Routine – Create a schedule that includes regular fire prevention and other studio safety tasks.

  8. Fire Insurance – Do you have insurance that includes your studio and contents? Most homeowners (and renters) insurance excludes almost all property used in a business from coverage.
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