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cerf_tip_of_the_month_smallMoisture – Coming to a Studio Near You

Sept 20, 2016 | Tip of the Month

7 Water Damage Prevention Tips from CERF+

Even relatively small amounts of water can cause a lot of damage. As artists in Louisiana and other states are cleaning up and rebuilding after recent floods, and an active hurricane season continues, we are reminded that disasters–big and small–involve water. A broken pipe, a damaged roof, or the water from putting out even a small fire can have similar devastating consequences for your artwork.

Here are a few steps to help protect your artwork from water and moisture damage:
  • Avoid basement storage of art and valuables.
  • Protect artwork from moisture from above and below. Raise valuables above floor level. If a storm or flood is imminent, consider moving them to a higher floor if possible. Protect from above and below with heavy plastic or tarps.
  • Keep gutters and drains unclogged.
  • Check plumbing fixtures and sprinkler systems periodically and fix leaks.
  • If feasible, construct barriers to stop floodwater from entering the building and seal walls in basements with waterproofing compounds.
  • Assess your flood risk. The chances that your home or studio will flood may be higher than you think. has resources, including flood maps for your area, to help you assess your flood risk.
  • Install “check valves” to prevent floodwater from backing up into the drains of your home and studio, and learn other basement flood prevention tips here.

Other important water damage information:


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