WHY? When an emergency occurs…

Having an evacuation plan in place will increase the likelihood everyone will exit the building safely, loss of vital property will be minimized, and the time away from your home or studio will be less stressful.

 Among emergency planners, the general wisdom is “Run from water, hide from wind.”

Make an Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Plan Basics

Paper with check mark iconVital Records List

If you store vital documents like these in a waterproof container in a safe, accessible place in your home or studio, they will be easy to take with you when evacuating.


American Red Cross’s Ready Rating program for businesses, organizations and schools

FEMA’s evacuating yourself and your family planning resources

FEMA’s family emergency plan with a link to a downloadable, fillable pdf form

FEMA’s emergency response planning resources for businesses

FEMA’s Smartphone App provides access to up-to-date emergency information, including the locations of open shelters and FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers

SBA’s Prepare My Business emergency preparedness resources

Insurance Information Institute’s Preparing an Effective Evacuation planning resource

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