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Art Insurance for Artist while at the Studio/Storage/Exhibition/In Transit

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If you create, own, sell, buy, loan, display or preserve works of art on a private or professional basis, this plan provider has comprehensive coverages. Art Insurance Now policies are tailored to cover works of art while on or off premises, in transit, in storage, in an exhibition, in a museum, or at an auction house, worldwide.

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How Quoted: The website is direct purchase. Contact company if higher limits required
Offered by: Bernard Fleischer & Sons, Inc.
Underwritten by: Markel Insurance Company
$ for certificate of ins./Add'l. Insured: $0/$0
Excluded States:
Address 1 29 Broadway
City New York
State NY
ZIP Code 10006
Corp Phone 800-921-1008
Corp Web
Plan Web
Plan Contact William Fleischer, CIC
Plan Phone 800-921-1008
Plan Email [email protected]

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