After an emergency, cleaning up the site and salvaging equipment and materials can be dangerous to your health and safety. Evaluate your risks before you start and take proper precautions.

Determine If It’s Safe to Enter Damaged Areas

Artist + Beneficiary Bud Shriner’s Studio Fire

Assessing potential hazards. Should I go there?

Do not endanger your own, your family’s, or your helpers’ health or safety.

Do not enter areas or buildings that have been designated off-limits by emergency authorities, or buildings that may not be structurally sound.

Do not enter if you’re not up-to-date with tetanus shots.

What are the types of hazardous materials and conditions (explosive, nuclear, biological, or chemical contamination) that I could encounter either from the disaster or from substances in the studio?

Consult local emergency authorities about other possible contamination risks.

Do I (and others helping) have the right protective gear to prevent exposure to contamination or dangerous substances?

Are there other health or safety issues?

People with medical conditions — especially respiratory problems or impaired immunity — that could be aggravated by exposure to smoke, soot, ash, or mold or extreme temperatures/high humidity should not participate in cleanup operations.

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