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CERF+’s In-Kindness Program partners – manufacturers, suppliers, show producers and other businesses – provide donated or discounted equipment, supplies and services to our emergency relief beneficiaries. “These donations are essential to an artist’s recovery and their ability to return to work quickly,” notes Les Snow who manages the CERF+ emergency response program. This month, two artists received donations through the program from Laguna Clay Company and Skutt. Giovanni Verni After Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico last September, clay artist and painter Giovanna Verni was without electricity and running water for months. Unable to work, her only source of income came to a halt. Thanks to Laguna Clay, Giovanna received a donation of clay and glazes to kickstart her return to work. Says Verni, “When you work with passion and you love what you do, along the way you always find allies and special people who give you a hand. Thank you very much CERF+ and Laguna Clay!” Rafael Vazquez Full-time ceramist and owner of a pottery workshop in Puerto Rico, Rafael Vazquez survived Hurricane Maria, but his equipment and materials essential to his art making and teaching did not. Along with a damaged studio, Rafael needed immediate funds to rebuild his workshop and purchase new equipment and supplies. Earlier this month, Rafael received a brand new kiln donated by Skutt.  “This kiln is perfect, I feel like I won the lottery. Thank you CERF+ for all the help you have given me, I am eternally grateful.” To learn more about our In-Kindness Program or to become a partners, click here. Skutt Laguna Clay 

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