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Ceramicist + CERF+ Beneficiary Anderson Bailey with this partner Jessie Bean Bailey of Bean and Bailey Ceramic.

Potter and CERF+ Beneficiary Anderson Bailey with his partner Jessie of Bean and Bailey Ceramics in Chattanooga, TN. Anderson was diagnosed with brain cancer in September 2017. CERF+’s emergency financial assistance helped their business stay afloat.

CERF+’s annual appeal is our most important fundraising event, supporting all of CERF+’s work throughout the year. We depend on its success to deliver our programs and services to artists: much-needed emergency relief assistance and our programs that help artists build strong and resilient careers. Our goal this year is to raise $100,000. Please make sure to be a part of this important tradition and respond as generously as you are able either through the mail or on our website. And our thanks to everyone who helped kick off CERF+ annual appeal by contributing to Giving Tuesday.

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