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Happy New Year! Be Well + Make Things

Ah, January, a time for starting over, trying new things – trying a new art form, eating better, losing weight, changing behaviors – whatever it is, most of us think of this month as an opportunity for new beginnings.

In addition to the daily yoga practice I’ve taken up in the new year, I’m really excited about a new project at CERF+ that ties in nicely with making resolutions.  Thanks to a partnership with Wellness for Makers, we’re launching educational videos and resources to help artists remain healthy in their studio practice.

Alongside creating a safe workspace, CERF+ believes that being mindful of one’s body is another critical career-protective strategy. It’s important because artists often subject their bodies to stress and strain to carry out their creative process. In fact, many of our emergency relief applications come from artists who are suffering from challenges like repetitive motion syndrome, hand, wrist and back pain, among many others. Those of us who’ve been on the planet for 60+ years are likely noticing issues with arthritis and challenges lifting awkward or heavy things. Typically artists get so involved in the process of making that too often, they forget about their most important tool, their bodies.

We are releasing “The Self-Care and Your Studio Practice” video series on our web site. Each video will focus on a common problem faced by artists with an active studio practice.  Missy Graff Ballone, founder of Wellness for Makers, a metalsmith and a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor (RYT 500), will provide tips to about how to help relieve strain and reduce injury.

Last year was hard on many of us. Politics aside, there have been multiple major natural disasters – each individually monumental but when combined, unimaginable. Why not start off the new year by focusing on what we can control and make a commitment to improving our health and well-being? We hope you will join in and watch these videos AND give us your feedback and input about what works for you.

Happy New Year! Be well! Take good care! Make things!

Cornelia Carey
Executive Director

CERF+ and Wellness for Makers Artists' Health and Wellness Survey, 2017

CERF+ and Wellness for Makers Artists’ Health + Wellness Survey

Did you know?

  • 41% of artists suffer from chronic pain
  • 31% said that arthritis or joint pain affect the amount and type of work that they do
  • 64% of artists report that they have injured themselves in the studio
  • A majority spend at least 50% of their time sitting while making their art
  • 62% perform physically challenging or laborious activities to make their art
  • 24% have been injured while lifting a heavy object in relation to their studio practice
  • 52% experience lower back pain
  • 50% experience neck pain
  • 41% experience wrist pain
  • 88% work in their studio 3-4 hours without a break

Over 300 artists in a variety of disciplines participated in the survey conducted in March 2017.

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