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Craft Emergency Relief Fund

Supporting Documentation


Application Form Documentation

  • A resume detailing your serious commitment, history and accomplishments as an artist working in a craft discipline. The resume should list exhibitions and shows; publications featuring your work; awards; education; teaching experiences; and/or any other accomplishments that will help us evaluate your career as an established artist working in a craft discipline. Folk and traditional artists without a resume must provide a statement about the artistic tradition of their practice, how they learned their craft and where they share, sell and/or exhibit their work, if they do.
  • Five high quality photographs of your art created in a craft discipline in the past five years.
  • Photo ID: CERF+ reviews all applications to verify identity. CERF+ takes attempted fraud seriously and reserves the right to report all suspected fraudulent applications cases to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Trade Commission, and local law enforcement authorities.

    As part of our due diligence to ensure that applicants to CERF+ emergency assistance are in fact the artist they say they are, we require applicants to provide a government issued photo id to verify identity.

  • A photograph of yourself in your studio, at your booth at a show, teaching, or otherwise engaged in your artistic practice.
  • Your own, publicly accessible website that demonstrates your artistic work or cultural practice.
    If you do not have a website, you may instead share your work with a link to (provide only one item):
    • A website hosted by another entity that displays your art or cultural work
    • Your public Instagram or Facebook page
    • A media platform like Vimeo or YouTube
    • A news article or event site where your work or cultural practice is featured
  • Documentation of the emergency.
  • If a medical emergency, provide a written prognosis from your doctor or other health provider and a bill to demonstrate that you have had significant medical expenses.
  • If a theft, provide a copy of the report from the police department and a listing of major items lost.
  • If a fire, provide a copy of the report from the fire department, photos of the damage and a list of major items lost.
  • If a natural disaster, provide an official document from an emergency management agency indicating the loss, photos of the damage and a list of major items lost


  • You will also have the option to provide documents that illustrate your art career, in addition to images of your artwork and resume provided in the inquiry.
  • Three professional references that know your art and art career well, including their contact information. The references may be arts organizations or businesses with which you are affiliated or individuals in the arts field.


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