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Craft Emergency Relief Fund

Grants and Brokered Assistance

How to Apply

Artists interested in and potentially eligible for CERF+ emergency assistance are asked to apply after their inquiry form information has been reviewed. Those inquiring are responded to within five business days. An assistance determination is made within two weeks of a complete application having been received.

When applying, artists may request the emergency grant or not. Regardless, if found eligible for CERF+ assistance, the artist will be asked what brokered assistance, if any, would be most helpful in their response to the emergency.

Please review the CERF+ assistance eligibility guidelines and supporting documents requirements before completing the inquiry form.


Emergency Relief Grant ($3,000)

CERF+’s emergency relief grants provide immediate financial assistance to eligible artists working in craft disciplines (such as woodworkers, fiber artists, metalsmiths, glass artists, potters, and furniture makers) after career threatening emergencies. The emergency grants are available to established artists working in craft disciplines including folk and traditional artists.

Note: If you receive a grant, you are required to report the funds as income when filing your IRS tax form.

Brokered Assistance

Artists working in craft disciplines who meet eligibility requirements may receive requested brokered assistance:

Booth Fee Discounts + Waivers at Art & Craft Shows

We can act on behalf of the artist to solicit booth fee waivers and discounts for shows in which the artist has an exhibition history.

Discounts + Donations of Supplies and Equipment

We may be able to secure discounts on and/or donations of supplies and equipment by brokering directly with suppliers, manufacturers, and others.


Check the FAQs page. Also, review the eligibility guidelines and supporting documentation requirements. If after reviewing this information, you believe you may be eligible for CERF+ emergency assistance, please complete our inquiry form. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Beadworker + Beneficiary Teri Greeves

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