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Artist Get Ready Grants

CERF+’s Get Ready program provides individual craft artists grants up to $1,000 to conduct activities that will help safeguard their studios, protect their careers and prepare for emergencies. Artists are encouraged to use the Risk Assessment activity to generate ideas.

Priority will be given to applications from people who identify in the global majority or as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)* and folk and traditional artists.

* Language use is a key element of access, equity, and inclusion work, and can help or hinder efforts in this area. We are currently using the term “people of the global majority” and Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) to describe individuals from prioritized communities. We recognize that neither term is universally used nor accepted but they are the most commonly used terms in our work. We encourage you to familiarize yourself and utilize the terms that your community members use to describe themselves.

The application process for this grant cycle is closed.
For the most recent grant cycle, we informed all applicants of the grant determination on April 9, 2024.
If you do not find a message from us about your Get Ready Grant application, please email [email protected].
Please join our email list, follow us on social media, or check back on this page for the next grant cycle.

Examples of eligible activities include:


  • Studio Safeguards
    • Safety equipment
    • Upgrading studio and/or equipment to improve studio health and safety
    • Contractor consulting
    • Purchasing safer materials and supplies
  • Emergency/Disaster Readiness
    • Emergency tools, supplies and equipment
    • Upgrading studio to reduce disaster risk
    • Contractor consulting
    • Theft protection measures
  • Business Protection & Support

  • Career Protection
    • Legacy or estate planning
    • Financial planning services
    • Documentation or digitization of artwork and/or related records
    • Legal counsel
    • Enrolling in a professional development course or workshop to enhance career protection

Ineligible Activities

Art making projects are not eligible for Get Ready Grants. Only projects for safeguarding studios, protecting studios, implementing other safety measures, or business or career protection will be considered eligible.


To be eligible for a “Get Ready” Grant, applicants must:

  • Be an artist working in a craft discipline
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have been residing and working in the U.S. or U.S. Territories for the last two years
  • Not have received a Get Ready Grant in 2023
CERF+ broadly defines eligible artists to include those who create work using historically recognized craft materials such as clay, glass, textiles, wood, metal; as well as those whose work expands on these historical definitions through the incorporation of non-traditional materials, new technologies and experimental approaches.

CERF+ is equally committed to the preservation of folk and traditional arts, as rooted in, and reflective of, the cultural life of a community. We recognize and support the ways that information is often passed on from one generation to the next and celebrate practices rooted within a common ethnic heritage, geographic region, religious affiliation or occupation.

CERF+ serves artists at all stages of their careers and seeks to support people from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. Eligibility is not determined solely by the amount of money an artist generates from their work and we recognize that many individuals have careers that rely on multiple streams of income and financial support.

Craft objects may be functional or nonfunctional, but both types derive part of their meaning from their association with traditional functional forms such as chairs, vessels, garments or implements, and/or their association with cultural tradition. Qualities that contribute to the success of a craft object include the skill of the maker, the use of the material, the refinement of the design, the originality of expression, its cultural significance – or all of these.

We do not support art practices that include hate speech or hate symbols.

To apply for a “Get Ready” Grant, select the “Apply Now” button on this page and follow the directions to complete the online application and upload the required supporting documentation.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.  The CERF+ staff is available to answer questions. Please contact (802) 229-2306 or [email protected].

The required supporting documentation is to be submitted with the online grant application. 

  1. A written narrative (Entered in the application form itself. 400 word maximum) or short video that includes:
    • A description of the proposed project
    • An explanation of how this project will support you in safeguarding your studio, preparing for emergencies, or protecting your business and career
    • An explanation of how the readiness activity will be continued after the grant funds have been expended, if applicable
    • Describe how you will actively share with others what you have learned about safeguarding your studio, protecting your career or preparing for emergencies by completing your project. Examples include social media and blog posts, photographs, videos, teaching guides or educational activities.
    • Videos can be included as a YouTube or Vimeo video link in the application form. Maximum of 3 minutes.
  2. Information documenting your work as an artist producing a body of work in a craft discipline(s):
    • A resume or narrative detailing your accomplishments as an artist working in a craft discipline. If applicable, the resume should list exhibitions and shows; publications featuring your work; awards; education; teaching experiences; and/or any other accomplishments that will help us evaluate your career as a professional artist working in a craft discipline.
    • 5 high resolution images of your artwork created within the past three years (.gif, .jpeg, or .tiff format)
    • A photograph of yourself in your studio, at your booth at a show, teaching, or otherwise engaged in your artistic practice. If you are wearing a mask in your best portrait, please include a second image where we can see your face.
  3. A list of estimated expenses (entered in the application form itself) to be incurred in order to complete the project, specifying which expenses the grant will fund and the sources of funds for any other expenses.

Grant selection will be made through a lottery.

Applications will be evaluated to determine whether the applicant:

  • has proposed an eligible and feasible project
  • has included a budget that accounts for any additional costs
  • has included a plan for sharing their project

Priority will be given to eligible artists who have traditionally been underserved by the grantmaking community including people of color and folk and traditional artists.


Grant funds must be utilized to complete the proposed project within six months of the grant award. Grantees are required to document and share what they learned from accomplishing the readiness activity and its impact and report this information back to CERF+. CERF+ encourages grantees to be creative with how they share what they learned through videos, blog posts, and other media to inspire others to take emergency preparedness and career protection measures.

Jewelry artist Lynsey Richelle received a grant to purchase equipment that increased the air quality in her small studio. She made this video to educate others on what she learned in the process.
Metalsmith + Jeweler Maia Leppo used her Get Ready grant so she can continue to make art in the healthiest way possible. Maia purchased a portable fume extractor to minimize the fumes from the flux, solder and torch when she works.
Artist Sarah Evenson received a Get Ready Grant to purchase flat flies to protect her work between shows and sales as well as an external hard drive to back up her documentation. “This added storage and security has had a tremendous impact on my practice!” shares Sarah. Since moving to her new studio, she’s been able create more freely and confidently knowing that her works are safe.


Rain Water Collection System: Made Possible by CERF+

In the Fall of 2017, I completed building my home studio to facilitate my life-long career as a ceramic artist. I now operate out of a humble (but proud) 10ft x 16ft space complete with electricity and heat. What it lacked was access to a water supply and a wastewater disposal system. With renewable and environmentally friendly practices in mind, Michael Tepe and I have designed a rain water plumbing system and a waste collection procedure that we have finished installing in my studio.

Home Ceramics Studio Ventilation System: Made Possible by CERF+

Having the financial support of CERF+ to obtain the necessary materials needed to install a professional ventilation system, I wasted no time and got right to work. My first step was to obtain all the necessary materials.

With proper ventilation, I know that I’m protecting myself from dangerous chemicals and fumes, and firing a kiln can be a stress-free activity with minimal health related problems. With the “CERF+ Get Ready Grant” I proposed to purchase a downdraft ‘Vent-Sure’ ventilation system for my electric kiln. Equipped with a high-quality kiln vent, I will be safeguarding my health to ensure longevity in my studio.

Ceramicist Brett Beasley started his own studio in Ames, Iowa. Brett applied for a “Get Ready” grant and received funds to purchase a ventilation system for his kiln. Read more about Brett’s journey opening his own studio.

Legacy planning was perhaps the last aspect woodworker J. Leko had not addressed professionally. He applied for a “Get Ready” Grant to get started.  Leko explains, “It will reduce the administrative, physical, and legal burden you leave to family and friends when you’re gone; can help preserve your reputation by protecting your name and works and can provide an incentive for clients to purchase more of your work now!”  Read more.
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