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Craft a Career

Sculptures by Artist + Beneficiary Rachel Beach

Artist Resorces for Better Business Practices

These resources provide information and tips to help artists enhance their professional practices and strengthen their businesses.

Art and Studio Inventory Tracking Resources

A studio inventory record is important for an artist when making business decisions. It is also invaluable when reviewing business insurance coverage or if there is ever a need to make an insurance claim.

CERF+ has also created Excel and Google spreadsheet templates for tracking inventories of studio assets and art works.

The Excel spreadsheets at the link below are in a compressed (zip) file, so you can download them with the file structure for adding images to the inventory. Instructions are included in the first worksheet of each spreadsheet. Feel free to modify the spreadsheet as needed. Be sure to keep a backup of the spreadsheet and image file in the cloud or another Safe Off-site Location.

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