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CERF+ conducts original research to achieve a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by professional artists working in craft disciplines and to assist them in sustaining their careers.  

Sustaining Careers: A Study of the Status of U.S. Craft Artists

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CERF+’s 2013 survey of American craft artists, examines attitudes about craft trends, sales and income, insurance, emergency preparedness and recovery, and plans for their legacy. It also provides updates and comparison data with our 2004 national research study.

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Insuring Creativity: CERF+ Business Insurance Survey

Between February and December 2007, members of six media-focused national craft organizations participated in a survey conducted by CERF+ on a variety of topics related to business insurance. Analysis was completed and a report was issued in February 2010.

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CERF+ Survey of Gulf Coast Beneficiaries (post Katrina)

In early 2007, CERF+ conducted a study of beneficiaries affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The goals of the study were: 1) Solicit information from Hurricane Katrina and Rita-affected artists about their current status and issues impacting their recovery; 2) Establish a beneficiary knowledge base to which data from periodic follow-up surveys can be added; 3) Provide a pool of data from which CERF+ can evaluate trends regarding the effectiveness of its support efforts.

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CERF+’s National Craft Artist Research Project

In 2004, in partnership with over 30 craft organizations, CERF+ conducted a national survey and hosted regional focus groups to learn about the needs, challenges, and opportunities that craft artists face.  The data gathered from this research has informed our programs and provided valuable information to the craft field as well as public and private decision-makers.

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Focus Group Results

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