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Ceramicist and Beneficiary Ben Medansky

Ceramicist + Beneficiary Ben Medansky


As a CERF+ beneficiary, we deeply value your recovery, your story, and your involvement. Here are some ways you can stay part of the Artists Safety Net.

  • Share your story with others
  • Send us updates on your recovery
  • Spread the word about us to other artists in your network
  • Mention CERF+’s assistance when you give press interviews, write blogs or talk to others about your emergency
  • Link to our website on your social media
  • Follow us on social media
  • Be a disaster buddy to another artist
  • Share your experience with others
  • If you teach, share what you have learned with art students and other faculty
  • Contact us about connecting to other CERF+ beneficiaries
  • Post a review of CERF+ on GuideStar or Facebook.
  • Consider contributing to CERF+ by organizing or participating in a fundraiser or send a donation of any size to CERF+
  • You tell us! How would you like to be involved with CERF+!

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