Electronic devices (cell phones, computers, etc.) can sometimes be salvaged after exposure to water, heat, or extreme conditions during an emergency. If the device itself can’t be salvaged, the data stored on it can possibly be restored. This is especially important if the data was not backed up at a safe offsite location.

General Tips on Salvaging Electronics

electronicsTurn off – Unplug – Remove batteries!

 The sooner you do this, the better chance you 
have for recovery. If the device is wet or full of ash or soot particles, components may short out, further damaging the device or causing shock or fire hazard.

 Assess the importance of having use of the 
device as soon as possible. If the recovery attempt fails, the device may be damaged 
beyond repair.

 Damaged battery-powered devices (DC) may still pose risk of overheating or fire. Test outside, 
away from combustible materials

 Do not attempt recovery of AC (plug-in) powered devices 
yourself. Electrical shock from damaged AC devices can injure or kill you.

Electronic Record Retrieval

 If initial salvage attempts fail, and your data is not backed up, don’t assume all is lost. If it is vital data, seek professional data recovery assistance.

 Do not do anything that will further damage
 the device or media on which your data is stored.

 Stabilize the equipment and properly store it 
until you can get professional assistance.

Water for Cleaning

 When water is needed to clean an electronic device, distilled or deionized 
water is always preferred, 
then filtered water. Otherwise, use the cleanest 
water available but be aware that tap and bottled waters often 
contain minerals that may be 
deposited on your items.

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