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From Get Ready to Got Ready: Grant Recipients Off and Running

These documentary images taken by Carol Wild Photography tell the story of the installation procedure for this project.

Artists who received Get Ready Grants from CERF+ in December are already at work on projects to improve safety in their studios, document their work, begin legacy planning, and more. We’re thrilled to share this update from Bristol, RI jewelry artist Kendall Reiss.

“2019 is off to an incredible start! I am honored to have been recently awarded a CERF+ Get Ready Grant! Funds from the grant have allowed me to adapt an inline fan and soldering hood that I used in my previous workshop, to create a ventilated work station in my current workspace at Kendall Reiss Gallery & Studio.

As artists, it is of the utmost importance that we take precautions to safeguard ourselves and those around us against the toxic materials and processes we engage in our work throughout our careers, on a daily basis. CERF+ has given me the ability to complete this project, which helps to ensure my own safety and that of my students and clients (and of course, my dog Bubba’s safety, too)!

As part of this grant, I will be working on an educational program at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts, where I teach. For me, a big part of the honor of being awarded funding for this project, also lies in my ability to support others and help cultivate a greater awareness among student artists of the necessary steps to protect their own health & safety.”

Improvements like the one Kendall made can vastly improve the safety and well being of an artist. CERF+ is proud to support artists in making career advancing improvements and changes through its unique Get Ready Grant program.

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