WHY? When an emergency occurs…

having an evacuation plan in place will increase the likelihood everyone will exit the building safely, loss of vital property will be minimized, and the time away from your home or studio will be less stressful.

 Among emergency planners, the general wisdom is “Run from water, Hide from wind.”

Evacuating Your Studio

“Now, we can get out of this place in 5 minutes with everything we need.”
– Kate Tonguis, Raku potter, Katrina survivor

Artist and Beneficary Christine Enos Studio Fire

If You Have Several Hours to Prepare:

If you have a day or more to prepare:

If you’re away from your studio:

Confirm procedures for securing your workspace and shutting down operations with assistants, family or co-tenants.

Review the post-disaster meeting place and/or contact system.

Tips for Securing Your Studio

disaster-risks-26Water or Wind Event



fire-41Wildfires or other fires with advance warning

Things You'll Need
Emergency Supplies

Taking Your Pet Along
Pets around carrying case

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