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CERF+ is an inclusive organization that focuses on supporting craft artists in times of disaster and emergency. We are a fully remote staff that supports balance in work and life because of the nature of our organizational structure. We are committed to working together and being genuine, respectful, and supportive of each other. We honor collective rest and pitch in when episodic work peaks during various times of the year. We love working with artists and doing our best to provide timely, relevant, and needed support. We value relationships in the arts and culture field, with national service and grant partners as well as organizations that work with craft artists or that are part of the craft discipline network. We also value the local connections we have by being a remote staff which allows us to be connected and inform the national conversation. While we have a hierarchical structure, we work in a shared space contributing to the ideation, evolution, and connection of the work. We honor each other’s humanity. We push against supremacist work culture. We are works in progress. CERF+ offers a wonderful quality of life, collegial work environment, and competitive compensation, including an attractive benefits package.

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