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I underwent an emergency surgery to correct an obstructed small intestine. At the time of the surgery (October 2014) I was unfortunately uninsured due to a recent move. After a week of hospitalization, I was left with medical bills of over $28,000. For six weeks I was on doctor’s orders to lift no more than 10lbs, which left me unable to work during this time.

I was encouraged to apply for assistance from CERF+ after they became aware of my situation. The staff at CERF+ was very supportive and helpful throughout the application process and, after applying, I was quickly awarded a grant. This support was extremely helpful in putting a dent in my medical debt. They have continued to follow up with my recovery and have provided additional resources to get me back on track.

Working in the craft field is not a decision based upon financial prosperity, but one based in a passion to create objects with our hands to enrich the lives of others. CERF+ is an amazing resource for craft artists who are in need of financial support during difficult times in their lives. I encourage anyone who is able to support this wonderful organization.

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