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In 2008, a fire destroyed Joe Chasnoff’s West Virginia workshop. CERF+ was able to help with an emergency grant and a recovery loan, and then brokered a donated band saw from Stanley Black & Decker.

“The gift of woodworking tools including this band saw, given to me by Stanley Black & Decker, has made a huge difference in my life and ability to recover from the loss of my workshop and tools to a fire. I am forever grateful for the gift of these tools which have made it possible for me to make a living, repay the loan from CERF+ and make many beautiful things which have enriched my life and the lives of my clients. I can truly say that the support I received after my fire has deepened my faith in humanity and my respect for the corporations that make the woodworking tools that I use every day. I feel blessed.”


“Eight years later my business is thriving, is fully solar powered and I’m building myself and my new wife a timber frame home including a circular staircase of poplar and cherry wood.”