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Jaime Suárez is considered one of the driving forces behind the development of contemporary ceramics in Puerto Rico. He cofounded Estudio Caparra in 1972 and Grupo Manos in 1976, paving the way for the creation of Casa Candina in 1980, which was instrumental in establishing the ceramic medium as one of the principal artistic movements on the island. In his extensive ceramic career, he has exhibited in Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, New York, New Mexico, Colombia, Italy, France, Japan, Korea, and Greece. He has been awarded prizes in international ceramic exhibitions and competitions in Faenza, Italy, and Zagreb, Croatia. His work is included in prestigious international collections in Europe, Asia, the United States, and Latin America. He is the creator of the monumental Telluric Totem at the Fifth Centennial Plaza in Old San Juan and various other public art sculptures and murals integrated into architecture and public spaces. He is also recognized for his leadership and collaborations with cultural institutions on the island.

“I feel both honored to have the opportunity to serve as Board member and grateful, not only for the help you are giving in Puerto Rico, but also for giving Puerto Rico, through me, a voice at CERF +.”