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I’m so happy and appreciative for CERF+ and its very existence!

This money is sorely needed and will really help to aid in re-tooling/re-purchasing of the kilns, since that’s one of my first operational priorities since Hurricane Sandy flooding of my studio and home. This award is also great for my psyche too, knowing that people care and are willing to help. As an artist working alone, teaching alone, running the school alone, this outreach from CERF+ means so much. I’ve not experienced this kind of assault on my well being, whether man-made or from nature, and mentally, I’m still feeling the trauma. And I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t lose their property and/or livelihood altogether. So, I’m very fortunate in this respect.

So again, so many thanks to you and CERF+!

Frank Bosco online


“The Academy (NJ NY Academy of Ceramic Art) has been my career art happening, and it happens every day.

It was the German Fluxus Joseph Beuys whose declaration “Everything I do is art”, is one I’ve unabashedly adopted:)

This fall the Academy is closing out it’s 19th year, nearly two decades of providing the real deal when it comes to ceramics education, technology and science. It could have ended in 2013 after Sandy, that is, without your help.

Forever grateful!”