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I am forever grateful that CERF+ was there for me when I needed them with a quick and easy loan that helped me get through several months of recovery during a long winter.

I broke seven bones in my arm and wrist when I fell very hard on the ice while I was ice skating. I was unable to use my arm for work and everything took so much longer to do: try opening glaze jars with one hand, moving tiles around, or loading a kiln. It was work in real slow motion; everything took three times as long. The loan from CERF+ was a life saver that allowed me to keep going through a long recovery without worrying about paying bills. And so I owe a huge thank you to CERF+ for all their support.

Carol Keiser online


“I was juried into NAWA, the National Association of Women Artists, in October with an induction ceremony at the Rubin Museum in N.Y.City. It was a nice honor, and validation of me and my work. This is for the painting.”