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Double Trouble – Preparing for Tornado + Hurricane Seasons

Picture of CERF+ Board Member Eddie Bernard looking at tree damage caused by hurricanes

Not even the Board Chair of CERF+ and owner of Wet Dog Glass is immune from tornadoes. This one blew through Eddie Bernard’s hometown of Star, North Carolina in May 2017.

It’s that time of year, when the “Tornado Season” and “Hurricane Season” overlap. This week, tornadoes were reported in Wisconsin, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas. As officials begin to assess the effected areas for damages, here are some steps you can take, or share with your neighbors, friends, family and colleagues who may be at risk.

1. Know your tornado and hurricane risks.

2. Have an emergency supply kit accessible.

3. Know your business insurance coverage.

  • Most homeowners or renters insurance policies cover little to none of your artwork, supplies, tools, and other art business assets.
  • Even if you have business insurance, review your coverage.
  • Standard homeowners, renters, business insurance policies and comprehensive auto insurance policies cover damage caused by tornadoes and tornadoes. 

4. Protect your assets.

5. Prepare your home and studio to be tornado-strong:

  • Add reinforced roof bracing and strapping.
  • Install more wind-resistant doors.
  • Construct a “safe room”.
  • Remove trees and branches that could hit your home or studio.
  • Repair loose or damaged exterior components.

6. For a hurricane-strong home and studio: 

  • Install permanent storm shutters or at least cut 5/8” sheets of marine plywood to fit your windows when needed. 
  • Tape does not prevent windows from breaking.
  • Install straps or additional clips to secure your roof.
  • Keep trees & shrubs close to house well-trimmed.
  • Remove dead & hanging wood.
  • Clear clogs from and fix gutters and downspouts.
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